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Juana Sky

Juanita Blankumsee, M.Ed

Musician  |  Vocalist  |  Composer  |  Instructor

The soundscape designer that you need for your brand.




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"Hell yeah" energy

in a classically styled package.

Hailing from the Nation's Capital, Juanita "Juana Sky" Blankumsee has performed, composed, and taught music for over two decades. While she appreciates applied music theory and trains other vocalists accordingly, Juana's own vocal tone remains rooted in the unfettered style of music that's orally descended, not studio made.

"Music helps people to connect more deeply with themselves and others."

Juana understands the power of music. How it connects big brands with personalized experiences and even curates emotions for mental and physical well-being led Juana to launch WorkFlora -- a music content creation company -- as a means to help balance the magnificence of it all. Sparking creativity and having fun is REALLY what this work is all about!


Private vocal coaching  |  Vocal care & Voice Practice Methods  |  Piano lessons (adults & children)  |  After-school music programming  |  Session vocalist  |  Voiceovers  |  Music NFTs  |  Music for commercial use  |  Mood-based tracks  |  Incidental music  |  Video game music  |  Podcast intro music  |  TV theme music  |  Film scores  |  Audio books  |  Custom birthday songs


Listen — to Juana's Happy Litterbug and Fairytale originals on YouTube Music, Spotify, and Apple Music. 

Book — Juana Sky for your wedding, networking reception, or other private event.

Develop — exceptional tone quality and accurate tone pitch with her Blooprint online course.

Create — custom sounds for your next creative project. 

Career Milestones

July 2022

June 2022

August 2019

Milestone Circle graduate - Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

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Released "Blooprint Vocal Course"

Founded WorkFlora

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