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Double Dutch Chants for Black History: Jump into Heritage

Image Above Taken From New York Times Image Below Taken From The Kennedy Center

In contrast to the Double Dutch Rhymes featured on the Kennedy Center's website, these original rhymes, written by Juana Sky, are intentionally centered around the significant theme of Black history. They are designed with a focus on education and empowerment.

"Maya's Melody: A Double Dutch Ode to Wisdom and Truth"

Maya's words, like a song,

Poetry and wisdom, right and wrong.

With her pen, the truth she writes,

Guess how many minds she ignites?

1, 2, 3... (Jumper counts until they miss.)

"Malcolm's Wisdom Range: A Chant for Minds of Change"

Malcolm X, a voice so strong,

Fighting for justice all day long.

With his speeches, wisdom got range.

How many minds will he change?

1, 2, 3... (Jumper counts until they miss.)

"Rosa's Double Dutch Disco Globe"

Rosa in the front seat, her heart so neat,

Sat down for justice, with determined feet.

Freedom lit the world like a disco strobe

How many activists changed the globe?

1, 2, 3... (Jumper counts until they miss.)


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